Terms and conditions

Fit2Beat strongly recommends that you consult with your medical professional prior to engaging in any physical activity.

Please download our PAR-Q form that must be completed before you take part in our exercise class or personal training.


When you sign up to participate in Fit2Beat, you are agreeing that you are in good physical condition and are able to participate in exercise. If you engage in this fitness event you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself and agree to release and discharge Fit2Beat from any and all claims or causes of action related to any injury while participating in this event.

Fit2Beat is permitting the participant to participate in Fit2Beat – a dance fitness event. By signing up the participant hereby voluntarily indemnifies, releases from liability, and holds harmless Fit2Beat and the facility for any accident, injury, illness, death, loss, damage to person or property or other consequences suffered by Participant or any other person arising or resulting directly or indirectly from Participant’s participation in the dance/fitness event. In the event that Participant is injured, Participant agrees to assume any financial obligation, for any medical costs, which Participant incurs. Fit2Beat assumes no responsibility for any medical expenses, injury, or damage suffered by Participant in connection with the use of any facilities or services in connection with the event, Fit2Beat.