Has the Olympics inspired you to run?

The Olympics has undoubtedly been the most watched on television around the world, even at 2am UK time. Whether it’s the likes of the now, triple Olympian Usain Bolt sprinting eloquently around those bends or enjoying a much greater distance watching Mo Farah do the rounds for the 5 and 10K we know how inspiring athletics can be.

Thinking of dusting off your running shoes and hitting the track? Maybe even the park for those longer cross country runs. Whichever you decide, check out our 12 great tips before you go!

  1. Replace running shoes every 300-400 miles or if you begin having muscle fatigue or pain in your joints
  2. It is wise to incorporate strength training into your regimen when preparing for an important run
  3. To get expert advice on buying the right running shoe visit a specialty running store
  4. When running your eyes should be focused on the ground 10-20 feet in front of you
  5. Having a great playlist can be the motivation you need to complete 6 miles instead of 4!
  6. You can run faster, more efficiently and with less stress on your body if you run with the correct form
  7. If you’re a beginner start slow: walk 5 mins, run 2 and build from there until you are running more than walking
  8. Rest is when the body repairs itself. It also circumvents injury, so take a day off!
  9. Running can cause chafing. Lubricate your parts pre-run and wear only wicking fabrics
  10. If your run has left you with chafed skin, apply nappy rash cream and you’ll be back to running in no time
  11. Run in well lit areas if you run at night or before the sun is up. Better still find a running buddy
  12. It is better to graze rather than eat large meals the day before a big race or run

Now is a better time than any other to kickstart your training with a few runs. Happy running!

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